CA BAMBOO NEW Freeride / All Mountain Snowboards Mounted With – 2138

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“The All Mountain CA Snowboard has a balanced Hybrid rocker camber on adult sizes, with real Bamboo top sheet that provides supple control on the groomers and great float in the deepest of powder. Great discount board that can handle anything you can throw at it!

We also have boots and different bindings available, and offer Discount Package Pricing.

Please allow one to two business days for us to get your order shipped , we strive to pick you out the best recommended gear for what you are needing, as well as assisting our in store customers, good help is hard to find these days and we truly appreciate your patience as we strive to provide the best customer service we can for all of our customers.

LIABILITY WAIVER: Although fun, skiing, snowboarding and any winter activity can be a dangerous activity, and could lead to serious injury or death. We recommend taking ski lessons, wearing a proper helmet/PPE, educating yourself and knowing all of the local/resort laws and regulations before attempting any dangerous activity. By purchasing this item, you agree that you understand the dangers and assume all responsibility in case of an accident, injury and/or death, or damages caused by equipment purchased from us. Be safe out there, and have fun.

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115 cm, 135 cm, 125 cm, 145 cm, 149 cm, 151 cm, 156 cm


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