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How Ski Trucks Can Replace Your Old Snow Gear

As we strive to keep skiing and snowboarding affordable and accessible, we want to ensure we do what we can for our community and the planet. Our snow and ski gear exchange and buyout program is designed to help you manage your gear as affordably as possible.


Our gear replacement process makes snowboard and ski exchanges as easy as possible.

Here’s how we do it.


Step 1 : Gear Evaluation

The first step of our snow and ski gear exchange program is the evaluation. We inspect your gear for current retail value, age, and wear and tear.


Evaluation Process

We start the evaluation process by inspecting the gear. We use an inspection form to fill out while reviewing. After it clears inspection, we do a quick online search to find the current resale value, and the resale value will be deducted first by the age of the gear.

For cash buyouts, you must have a valid state-issued ID for a 30-day gear hold to maintain compliance with the state second-hand merchant license requirements.

After the age deduction, we apply the wear-and-tear percentage applied for the final payout.

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It’s important to us to keep unusable “junk” gear out of landfills, so we’ll reuse it however we can, from functional furniture to decorative art. We also sell gear in bulk for DIY projects.

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Step 2 : The Offer

After the evaluation comes the best part of the ski gear exchange process — the offer. Our snow gear exchange program can save you a lot of money on your next gear purchase! We offer up to 50% of the current value of your gear towards exchanges and in-store credit. We also offer up to 30% for cash payouts.


Step 3 : After the Offer

Once we’ve made the offer, we can give you your cash payout or put your credit towards a snow or ski exchange. If you’re not ready to make your exchange, we can give you a gift card to come back later.

Your credit or gift card can be used to buy new gear for an awesome day on the slopes! Our team is ready to help you find the perfect equipment, including our boot-fitting service to provide you with boots that fit just right. We’re also happy to show you around and answer any questions about our equipment.

At Ski Trucks, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We strive to provide the best service and get everything done right the first time. We value our customers for life. Once a Ski Trucks customer — always a Ski Trucks customer.


Returns, Exchanges, and Fees

We offer full refunds on all new and unused gear. It must be in original purchase condition with no excess wear and tear. Full refunds are valid for a year after your purchase. After a year, the gear will be processed through the Gear Exchange Quote Generator for payout pricing.

For exchanges of lightly used gear, we evaluate the wear and tear and deduct a small Demo Fee percentage from the original purchase price towards the exchange. Only valid for the same ski season the gear was purchased in.
For free exchanges on used gear, the exchange value must be equal to or less than the original purchase price. Only valid for the same ski season the gear was purchased in.

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Types of Outdoor Gear Exchanges

We offer snow and ski gear exchanges, including skis, snowboards, and boots.

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Get Started

Don’t hold onto gear you don’t need — let us help you find new equipment for the best days on the slopes. Our ski and snow gear exchange program makes getting the new gear you deserve easy! Here’s how to get started.



By using our Gear Exchange Quote Generator, you can estimate how much credit you can exchange your ski and snow gear for.

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