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Ski Trucks is a family-owned-and-operated ski & snowboard warehouse dedicated to customer service, sustainability, and accessibility. As a full-service ski and snowboard shop, our mission is to educate our customers by providing a level of expertise that not only allows them to enjoy winter sports but empowers them to progress as skiers and snowboarders. Above all, we want to make skiing and snowboarding fun and affordable for everyone.




Ski Trucks is committed to helping you find joy and happiness in winter sports by providing skiing and snowboarding gear that is affordable and accessible. We understand the value of recreation with family and friends, and we want everyone to have access to those wonderful experiences. Through our unique buyback, trade, and used gear recycling program, we can help get you to the slopes, no matter your budget or current skill level!



Jeff White founded Ski Trucks back in 1969. He started selling out of his apartment while at BYU. He owned a 56 Chevy pickup and sold skis right out of the back in an open parking lot, becoming what became known as the “Ski Truck.” Jeff traveled from town to town, sometimes following the snow. The business has grown extensively since then (1969), and now he has one 24,000 sq. ft. shop located just west of the Utah State Fair Park at 1260 W North Temple. It is located near the Salt Lake City international airport. “People come in and want skis, but they don’t want to pay a lot,” says Jeff. “I’ve been selling ski packages to people on a budget for more than forty years. I sold complete ski packages for 99 dollars then; I can still sell complete used ski packages for 99 dollars today.” Now don’t kid yourself, the low-end package is a bit dated, but you don’t need all that fancy stuff to have fun on the slopes. Many customers love the store because there is a broader selection of quality used and new goods. Have you ever wondered what happens to all those skis you’ve rented in the past? If they’re still in good condition, you might find them here, at a price comparable to what you paid to rent for just a few days. Own your own for week’s rental—no equity in rentals. Has your child grown out of those 80cm skis? Bring them into the shop, and you may be able to trade the old ones for a sizeable discount.

We Are Trade Specialists!

Has your child outgrown those 80cm skis? Bring them into Ski Trucks, and you may be able to trade the old ones for a sizable discount on another pair! Additionally, we’ll trade for just about anything! Tell us what you have to trade, whether products or services, and let’s negotiate!




We celebrate the legacy of Jeff White, founder of Ski Trucks. Starting Ski Trucks back in 1969, Jeff sold skis directly out of the back of his ’56 Chevy pickup, “Hoopy,” the original Ski Truck. A genius salesman, Jeff traveled from town to town, selling skis in any snowy town he could, working almost year-round to grow Ski Trucks into the company it is today.