Five Fourty NEW Ski / Snowblades Downhill Skis – 1990


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The Five Forty/Snowjam Artimis Skiboards. Super fun. These are truly very reliable, durable skiboards. Snowjam wood core twin tips are very easy to turn, spin, go backwards and even ride powder. These are also stable at speed due to their thick wood core. These made for adult skiboards are an easy way to perfect your skills on the slopes as well as being super fun, much more like skating on snow really. These come in 3 different sizes, 75cm, 90cm, and 99cm. We can mount ski bindings on the 99cm and snowboard bindings on the 75cm and 90cm. We do not suggest snowboard bindings on the 99cm, it could cause rubbing on the sides of the bindings when carving.

The twin-tip skiboards offer an extremely short learning curve, with the potential to ride anywhere you care to go. The shorter size size is perfect for those preferring greater control and maneuverability, but don’t want to compromise on quality and performance. With their wide body shape, these are great on the groomers, moguls, glades or even powder. They are super fun to ride off the back tails and for spinning and riding backwards. These are long lasting skiboards that will take a beating if you are one who rides skiboards hard as well as for those who enjoy cruising.

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75 cm, 90 cm, 99 cm, 100 cm




Five Fourty


Artemis, Hares, Hermes, Panzer, TITAN

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