A good pair of ski boots is the most important ski equipment, meaning it’s crucial to find the right pair. All feet are different, so it’s not easy to find ski or snowboard boots that fit perfectly right off the shelf. Our boot-fitting specialists can create a pair of ski or snowboard boots that perfectly fit your feet. Skiing and snowboarding are more fun when your boots fit just right!

Visit our store in Salt Lake City for our custom ski and snowboard boot fitting and receive a complimentary foot and ankle analysis.

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We want to ensure that you find a pair of boots that provide comfort and structure for full days on the slopes. Our custom ski boot service follows three easy steps:

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Pick a boot

Bring your existing boot or find a new one that fits your needs.

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Create a footbed

The footbed is the foundation for proper balance, support, and comfort while hitting the slopes. We ensure that the custom footbeds in your ski boots are made to fit your feet perfectly. We’ll go over our custom footbed process in more detail later.

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Make adjustments

Sometimes some adjustments need to be made during the fitting. However, some adjustments aren’t made until you try skiing in your new boots. Bring your boots back in after your time on the slopes, and we’ll make any necessary adjustments. Ski Trucks is here to support you and improve your skiing experience.

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The basis of a great-performing and comfortable ski boot is a custom-made footbed or skithotic. At Ski Trucks, we build our customers’ ski and snowboard boots from the ground up. Here’s how we do it:

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Foot Analysis

First, we use infrared/X-ray light on our BootDoc Podoscope to analyze your feet. This analysis helps us determine your balance point or if you’re supinated (Bull-legged) or pronated (knock-kneed). More importantly, we can determine how much arch collapse you are experiencing. We use this information to choose the correct footbed and arch height.

Custom Molding

We heat the footbed to 130 degrees Fahrenheit and place your foot into the Talonavicular Neutral Position to ensure the bones in the foot are aligned correctly. Your foot is then placed onto the footbed, and it is molded specifically to your foot.

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Custom Fitting

Several more customization options ensure your boots fit as comfortably as possible. These include:

  • Heat moldable liners
  • Custom injection liners
  • Shell manipulation
  • Foot and boot leveling (to allow for a perfectly flat ski on the snow)


Custom ski boot fittings start at just $60/hr!

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“Amazing customer service! They stayed after hours just to make sure I had the perfect ski gear. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone made sure we left happy. After skiing all my life, they made sure I had the perfect and most comfortable ski boots I’ve ever tried. I never thought that I could find a ski boot that was comfortable. They had the biggest ski gear selection I've ever seen. I’ll be coming back for more rentals in the future. Make sure to make Ski Trucks a stop if you need any type of winter gear.”
— Judy C.
“I wish I knew about this place sooner! I’ve been snowboarding for years, and now I’m trying skiing. I wanted my own boots, so I went in thinking I was still going to be spending hundreds of dollars on them. Not only did I not spend a fortune on boots, but the customer service was also amazing, and they were so knowledgeable and wanted me to get the best boots. No hidden agendas, no salesman being eager to make a deal. The whole experience was awesome! No more shopping around, I’ve found the best shop, best people, and even if the prices were higher, I’d still choose this place!”
— Marcie M.
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Ski Trucks-Boot Fitting-Custom Guarantee

At Ski Trucks, if we don’t get your ski boot right the first time, we either fix it or replace it. You can count on us to work with you until you find the perfect fit. Once a Ski Trucks customer — always a Ski Trucks customer.

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Below are answers to some of the most common questions about our ski boot fitting services.

We recommend bringing a pair of thin ski or snowboarding socks to your custom boot fitting and wearing pants that can easily be rolled up. Bring your current boots with you if you plan to have them worked on.
Our custom ski boot service starts at $60/hr with a one-hour minimum. All time after one hour is charged in 15-minute increments. Additional fees for parts may be included. In addition to fitting you for a custom footbed and liner, our service includes a foot analysis, boot type suggestions, and flex recommendations.
Plan for at least one hour for your boot fitting. We want to ensure you get the best ski boots with a perfect custom footbed.
Boots are an essential piece of ski equipment, and choosing the wrong ones can wreak havoc on your ski day. Ski boot fittings help create the perfect custom-fit ski boots for a better time on the slopes. There are three significant advantages of custom-fit ski boots.

  • Performance. Custom moldings are perfectly molded to your foot shape and the ski boot interior, which provides a transfer of total power from the boots to the skis. Ski boot insoles that fit well eliminate excess movement, allowing more control, and improving your overall performance.
  • Comfort. Comfort is more than just how your feet feel. Better comfort leads to less fatigue, more time skiing, and less time feeling sore.
  • Warm feet. Cold toes while skiing is so common that many skiers accept it as part of the sport. With custom-made boots, you no longer have to sacrifice warmth for a fun day on the slopes. Because ski boots and insoles are molded to your foot shape, blood supply isn’t impinged, which means better blood circulation and warmer feet.
The ski boot insole (also known as a footbed) is a removable insert supporting your arch and anchoring your foot to the boot. Ski boots come with factory-made insoles, but we recommend replacing them with custom insoles instead. Custom insoles are made for your specific foot shape. We take an impression of both feet and form a footbed that fills up every space and outlines every part of your foot for a perfect fit.
There is no evaluation fee! We provide a complimentary foot and ankle analysis.

Yes. We are open by appointment only for the 2022 summer season. Please call us at 801-595-0919 for custom ski and snowboard boot fittings. You can also fill out our gear fitting form to have custom ski boots shipped to your home.

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Do you have any other questions about ski boot fittings? Check out our custom boot fitting guide! This guide details factors that affect boot flex, such as skiing level, height/weight, and riding style. It also details boot shell designs, essential parts of the boot, and how to tell if your foot is fitting correctly.

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