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The Head Easy Joy skis with bindings are a fantastic choice for beginning and emerging skiers who are looking for a good time out there on the hill. Simple, light, and efficient, the Head Easy Joy skis with bindings love to make short, easy turns on freshly groomed terrain. You’ll be shocked at how effective these skis are at making the sport seem a lot easier than it may have been in the past, and also it’s a great setup as an entry-level ski and binding combo that’ll help you skip the rental line and head straight to the lift line. Thanks to the shape, profile, and construction of these fun-loving skis, beginners and intermediate skiers will gain a lot of experience on these skis, and they’ll help them improve with confidence and direction. The shape, with it’s easy-turning sidecut, starts with the 69 mm waist width. This is on the narrow side, and it really helps skiers get from one edge to the next with as little trouble as possible. It’s all about making it easy with these skis, and the build has a lot to do with it. Built with a synthetic wood core and a layer of graphene, these skis can handle quite a bit, so they’re not just flimsy beginner skis, but rather have some substance to them that allows for growth in the sport. It’s this type of value that skiers really appreciate, and it makes a lot of sense in this application.

LYT Tech Construction
ERA 3.0
Power Fiber Jacket Construction
Synthetic Core
Structured UHM C Base
Allride Rocker

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