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If you plan to balance your time between off trail and sliding on the groomed track, the Discovery 68 is the ideal companion. The patterned base easily ascends while the full metal edge gives you confidence on the downhill. As a flat ski, the interface can be mounted for either telemark or NNN setups.

The Alpina Discovery 68 cross country skis are an ideal choice for skiers who want to venture out and explore the backcountry. Best suited with the NNN BC binding and when paired with a BC boot, the Discovery 68 is a beefed-up version of the touring ski. Featuring metal edges, a wider shape, and a more rugged character, the Alpina Discovery 68 cross country skis are true adventure machines. When you wake up in the morning and want to hit the trail, you’d be hard pressed to find a more appropriate partner. They’re capable of remaining in the touring center, and will do so effortlessly, but they really come to life when they’re given a more difficult assignment. Whether you want to break trail and really carve out your own adventure, or follow some logging roads or snowshoe trails, the Discovery 68 skis are just the tool to take you there. When the conditions get rough, you’ll be glad that you have full steel edges. They’re not for carving turns at the resort, but they’ll definitely give you a lot more confidence on those sketchy downhills that you’d want no part of on your classic skis. The MultigripGrip Embossed Base will be with you for the long haul-there’s virtually no maintenance, and you’ll be able to climb some serious pitches with comfort and ease. Alpina’s nordic rocker profile allows the skis to float up above some fresh snow, making your time in the woods a little more special. The Alpina Discovery 68 Cross Country Skis are the perfect exploration tools.

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