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HEAD KORE 93 2022

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The Head Kore 93 sits firmly in the one-ski quiver category as one of the lightest, quickest and most agile options amongst its competitors. This year, the entire Kore collection received some updates, most notably, an updated construction across the board as well as a new addition to the line. The Kore 93 starts with a Karuba wood core which is what gives it its lively and responsive feel. The core then gets topped with a layer of Carbon Fiber, Graphene as well as Head’s Damping Layer which has effectively replaced the Koroyd layer seen in previous models. This slight update in construction has resulted in a lighter and smoother ski overall. At 93 millimeters under the boot, the Kore 93 offers perfect versatility and would be a great daily driver for anyone that likes skiing a mixed bag of terrain. They carve well, float with ease and have the quickness and agility for skiing in tight or steep terrain. From a shape and profile standpoint, everything is the same as in previous years. We still get some nice rocker and taper out in both the tips and the tails which adds tons of versatility and ease of handling to the ski. Sure, on weight alone, these things are easy to whip around, but the rocker and taper really allow for some nice edge release when you need to shorten up your turn shape or when you’re sending it down a zipper line in the bumps. If you want supreme versatility in a featherweight package, check out the Head Kore 93.

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