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Five Fourty Panzer NEW Ski / Snowblades Downhill Skis – 468

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Five Fourty Panzer 100cm 110mm tip, 90mm under foot, 100mm tail. 110-90-100. Fun little ski for learning the basics, and picking up fundamentals. Also they are very portable for skiing on a park hill, or some rail with a perfect landing you spot on the go. These skis are definitely useful to have in your quiver.

We can mount the bindings and set them up so they are ready to ski when they are shipped to you. All we need is you Skier Ability, Weight and Ski Boot Shell Length (it’s a little number on the bottom side of the boot heels in small, hard to read numbers in mm, that is different than the boot size). If these skis aren’t exactly what you are looking for, we do have a huge warehouse full of gear that we can definitely get you outfitted in for less! If you would just copy and paste the link at the bottom of the listing, it will take you to our Gear Fitting Form where we can outfit you with anything and everything you are looking for!

LIABILITY WAIVER: Although fun, skiing, snowboarding and any winter activity can be a dangerous activity, and could lead to serious injury or death. We recommend taking lessons, wearing a proper helmet/PPE, educating yourself and knowing all of the local/resort laws and regulations before attempting any dangerous activity. By purchasing this item, you agree that you understand the dangers and assume all responsibility in case of an accident, injury and/or death, or damages caused by equipment purchased from us. Be safe out there, and have fun. 

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Five Fourty



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