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Used Ski Package, Skis, Bindings, Boots & NEW Ski Poles. Custom Fit to Order!


This package will give you a choice of a NEW set of skis and used boot combo or a high preformance demo ski used boot combo, or newer used ski with a NEW boot. Every piece of gear that comes in and goes out of our store has been throughly checked for safety and funtionality and 100% ready to hit the slopes!


Thanks for checking out our Custom Built For You, Used Ski Packages! We will take your measurements, skiing ability, and style, and one of our Ski Technicians will pull the best options we have available to fit you with the ski setup that is going to not only make skiing fun and easy with your current ability, but also help develop your fundamental skiing skills moving forward, helping you get the perfect gear picked as if your were in the store getting fit up. With this package item purchase you will rthaneceive everything you need to hit the slopes, used skis with used bindings, used ski boots and new ski poles.


We have a huge ski equipment selection to choose from, with over 50,000 pairs of skis in our warehouse, most

brands are available.



1-AGREE TO TAKE AND GIVE ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS. The importance of the requested measurements, boots are the most important piece of equipment you have, they are your gateway to happiness or misery, and trying to fit boots is difficult when you can try them on and fitting remotely like we do is very difficult, PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME AND DOUBLE CHECK THE MEASUREMENTS.  If the boots don’t fit right, we will exchange your boots for you, BUT YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING THEM BACK TO US AND SHIPPING IS EXPENSIVE THESE DAYS, we will cover shipping back to you.

2-When Purchasing Ski Equipment online we recommend that you are familiar with how ski boots are supposed to fit. Boots are meant to be snug and supportive. Tapping your heels on the floor will help your feet position right with the heel pockets in the boots.

3-Before purchasing this item you understand you are purchasing a used  package, and you are serious about really wanting it, shipping this gear is expensive and most of our profit goes to supplying the service of picking you out the perfect gear, we are a small family run business and exchanges and returns very quickly turn from minimal profits to losses for us.


4-Please allow 2 to 5 business days for us to get you options pulled out and photos and info sent back to you, we strive to pick you out the best recommended gear for what you are needing, as well as assisting our in store customers, good help is hard to find these days and we truly appreciate your patience as we strive to provide the best customer service we can for all of our customers.


5-LIABILITY WAIVER: Although fun, skiing, snowboarding and any winter activity can be a dangerous activity, and could lead to serious injury or death. We recommend taking lessons, wearing a proper helmet/PPE, educating yourself and knowing all of the local/resort laws and regulations before attempting any dangerous activity. By purchasing this item, you agree that you understand the dangers and assume all responsibility in case of an accident, injury and/or death, or damages caused by equipment purchased from us. Be safe out there, and have fun.

***PLEASE NOTE*** If you filled out a gear profile there is no need to fill it out again.

However a GEAR Form is needed for each Shredder you wish to get out fitted.

-Happy Shreddin-

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